About C.A.C Medical Sales CorporationAt C.A.C. Medical Sales Corporation, “Your Satisfaction Is Our Business”.

C.A.C Medical Sales Corp. is committed to providing domestic and international markets with high quality and cost effective intensive care medical equipment. We specialize in the sales and maintenance of intensive care medical equipment . We sell medical equipment in the following conditions:

- New: we sell brand new medical equipment from the best manufacturers.

- Refurbished: we acquire used medical products for refurbishment. We identify defective parts, replace them, ensure proper functionality, validate the original equipment manufacturers specifications, recondition and finally deliver quality refurbished products to our customers. All refurbished products are sold "as is".

- Demo: our demo products have been inspected to ensure proper functionality and as sold "as is".

We are committed to provide sales support and maintenance service to customers around the world, to ensure your equipment investment stays in peak condition our customer's satisfaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to speak with one of our sales specialists.